The 4Ps of marketing in the digital world have different features compared with the traditional marketing mix.

The 4Ps of Marketing in today’s digital world.


Traditional marketing involves a physical product or service proposition. Supplying something the customer wants is key. In digital marketing, channels are open to a physical product or service proposition. This includes creating new opportunities, such as music and food deliveries, differentiating the offer from that of competitors, and co-creation.


In traditional marketing, pricing is a science rather than an art. It is based on supply and demand and other factors, such as brand product quality. In digital marketing, pricing is based on fast comparison, vouchers and cashback (vouchers and cashback are not unique to digital marketing but have increased in popularity) and the use of affiliates.


In traditional marketing, the focus is on location, location, location. Getting the right location = footfall. Displaying the production in the right location is important as using the right partners and distributors. In the digital world, the focus is on omnichannel, online channels and delivery.


In traditional marketing, promotion involves communicating a one-way, brand-led message. Above-the-line channels include TV, press and PR. Below-the-line channels include direct mail and personal selling. Digital marketing uses multiple dialogues rather than advertising. The customer journey is seen as evolving and is included in digital acquisitions and channels. This is more important formic than ever, and insights more significant in dig