I create clear, compelling copy to help you sell products or educate and engage with your clients, customers or consumers. Should you wish to flex your persuasive writing muscles on your website, blog posts, product descriptions, emails, advertising, newsletters or social media platform. I can help.

I work from home, allowing me to save money on expensive offices. This saving is then passed directly on to my clients, creating affordable copywriting, which enables those smaller companies that once couldn’t afford to outsource to a creative team, the chance to compete with their larger competitors.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is just one way you can get your business better known. If done correctly it will gain your products more engagement. Which in turn means you will gain more business. Done incorrectly and it can actually harm your business.

I like to design a package to fit your needs and requirements, so I will work with you to find the solution to your specific needs. I want to make sure your goals are not only reached. I want to smash them and help bring your business to the next level.

Website Design and Hosting

A web presence is vital today and we want your brand and vision to stand out from the rest.

Your website should tell your story. We will help and advise you as we work together to create your own unique part of the internet.

We can help bring your products to life, your mission statement to the world or design a website that just says you.

Eight Fold Marketing

I am your marketer, strategist, copywriter, customer service rep and analyst. Oh, I also understand social media and the algorithms that will get you more engagement and more followers.

Digital Marketing | Marketing | Social Media | Copywritting | Brand Indentity | Website Development | Website Hosting

Eight Fold Marketing is me! I work from home to be able to offer you affordable marketing, without the overheads of an expensive town centre office. I have a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and am a Member of the Chartered Institute of MarketingHowever, the big question is, does the name of the company come from the fact that it is impossible to fold a piece of paper more than seven times? Or is it another reason?
Ian Northeast, MSc, MCIM.

Owner & Directer

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